Hello splendid people,welcome to my digital platform ๐Ÿ™‚
My name is Stefania also known as Steps, but at home they call me Yaa.
SplendidaYaa.com is a travel and lifestyle blog that takes Steps to write about everything she likes from home and away. If you are wondering, Splendida is the Italian version of Splendid and Yaa means female born on Thursday in the Akan tradition of Ghana, West Africa.


1 She is of Ghanaian heritage born in Italy, living in the UK
2 She loves reading about Africa and its diaspora success stories, but at the same time loves talking about summers spent in Milano and Lago di Garda.

3 She has always had a passion for travel & tourism even though she doesn’t travel as much HOWEVER, this didn’t stop her from creating this platform ๐Ÿ˜‰
4 She is an avid motivational books reader and a lover of African fashion (hence you’ll find some LIFE inspo. & fashion STYLE inspo in the lifestyle session of this blog
5 She is a SLAYBASSADOR 4 SheLeadsAfrica (SLA)