The ultimate dining experience at Tattu Restaurant in Leeds

If you are searching for somewhere cool to dine and you LOVE luxurious interior designs like me, then you should check out Tattu Restaurant in Leeds. It was my friend Princess birthday last week and we decided to go out to eat last minute. I started googling ‘ LUXURIOUS RESTAURANTS IN LEEDS’ and somehow I came across Tattu.

Image by @tatturestaurant (IG)

If you know me personally, you know I LOVE LUXURY interiors and I normally spend hours and hours looking at 5 stars hotel pictures on Instagram or how people decorate and showcase their living spaces. Also back in the days when I was schooling in Italy I used to have WESTERN ARTS class as part of my academic curriculum and with that, we always had to analyse into details different pieces of art movements such as Gothic, Realism or Conceptual art.

@tatturestaurant (IG)

I used to hate that class but I now realise the way it has influenced me as a person and the way I see beauty and analyse every little detail around me. I’m the type of person that will literally wake up in the morning and randomly decide to go and visit a museum. Neither did my friends nor I understood why I used to do that . At some point they used to think I was crazy, but now I understand where this love ( at the time hate) for arts started.


Well, Tattu is a contemporary Chinese inspired restaurant founded in 2015 that you can find not only in Leeds but also Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh. As their website clearly states ‘ The goal was to build a customer experience around the brand that stimulates all senses, fusing beautiful and meaningful design with quality and innovative Chinese cooking’. Cool enough there was also a DJ so it is clearly an experience.

@tatturestaurant (IG)


  • The interior design detail. Especially the colour scheme and the overload of beautiful flowers everywhere. YES I LOVE FLOWERS.
  • The different table set up. It gave room to walk, without feeling as if you had to squeeze yourself to move around. (This is in regards to the the Leeds branch. I do not know about the other restaurants).
@tatturestaurant (IG)
  • The clean toilets. I’m saying this because sometimes you may find yourself in a nice environment but then the toilets let you down LOL.
  • The variety of food options and different cocktails types on the menu. We all know the long list of food that we find in our local Chinese takeaway shop. Well, they surely did not take that away here.
  • The DJ
@tatturestaurant (IG)


  • In as much as I loved this place and the food looks good in pictures, the food did not taste as the authentic Chinese food we eat from across the streets. ( I think they were trying to fuse it with English cuisine; if there is such a thing as English cuisine). So if you are in for the vibe, taking pictures and the drinks you will not be disappointed. However, this is not the place to go to if you are starving as the portions are not that large or you looking for that specific Chinese taste ( in my opinion).
  • Our waitress seems to be in a rush to go home. LOL. However I can understand why; as we did not go there early and were the last people to leave the location (ALL BECAUSE OF PICTURES), I think he got tired of us.

Having said that, OVERALL it was about the experience for me so I cannot complain ;0


“Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.” 
By Victoria Holt


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