Birthday Special: Celebrating life

‘Celebrate the varied splendour in this world, and remind yourself that it can also be found in YOU” By Dr Salma Farook from the book titled ‘What your Soul already Knows’.

I stumbled across this quote few weeks before my birthday and it really hit me. My friends know me as the one that doesn’t make a big deal out of her birthday, I can literally be more than happy just being at home watching films and yet can go all the way out for theirs. However this year I decided to sit back, shut up and get pampered small.
For my dress I wanted something that could represent the way I see myself, I wanted something simple, with long sleeves but at the same time SPLENDID and luckily enough I found this sparkly statement piece from Debenhams.
Prior to that, I ordered a bunch of clothes from prettylittle things and none of them fitted me. ( You can imagine the feeling of achievement when you return all those clothes back and get your money back 🙂 :))


1 Celebrate yourself and your achievements often no matter how big or small. Don’t wait for a birthday to treat yourself.

2 Be true to yourself and do what makes YOU happy first. I realized that many times just to please people or to make them happy I agreed to do something they’ve asked me (for instance go with them somewhere) meanwhile I had more important things to do.
In this situations you end up being irritated at every little thing they do and time will feel like is not moving forward.

3 Do yourself a favour don’t worry about letting people down as long as you prioritize yourself. You are the chief commander of your life. If they truly care for you, they would understand, even if you let them down last minute.

4 Invest your time in this world on experiences, rather than on things that don’t add value to your life. For instance, from last year I have been more adventurous, I’ve been going to self- development events by myself and spent more time with loved ones instead of being busy for nothing.

5 If you are facing a challenge and feel like there is no way out, get a pen and paper and write down what could be the worst case scenario. Ask yourself if your life will be over or not in that uncomfortable situation.
Many times, the answer will be no and that should be enough motivation for you to not give up. LIFE MUST GO ON.Keep your faith ALIVE and be thankful in any situation, not just when you find yourself out of the challenge.
REMEMBER there is something to learn in every moment.

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  1. Bright O. Ansah

    Keep faith alive in all things, my lovely gorgeous sister. You are an inspiration to others. Go higher in your aspirations of life, Obaapa Yaa.

    Yours truly.

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