2017 is almost over and I know most people are still contemplating about doing that one thing they’ve been thinking and talking about for years. Well, I was also one of those people.
Whenever I talked about starting this blog some of my friends would just laugh because of the unlimited amount of times I’ve been saying it without any action, but the moment I finally turned things around everything changed.

Here are 5 life lessons you’ll discover when you boldly decide to just do your own thing

1 People’s opinion about what you do and how you do your things does not really matter. All that matters is that YOUR life is in YOUR own hands and the only person you need to prove wrong or impress is yourself.

2 In as much as you try to ignore these thoughts of starting something because of what people will think of you, you’ll later discover that God didn’t plant this seed in you for no reason.


3 You’ll find that in your small ways or through your words you can have a positive impact in someone’s life. Sometimes when I receive just a thank you email because of something I’ve written it makes me realize how much impact and difference my written words can make; that alone makes me want to do more.

4 You’ll realize that you are running your own race and therefore comparing yourself with others is meaningless. You decide your own pace.

5 You accept the fact that YOU are NOT a perfectionist and all that YOU need is to JUST keep going on, even if you make mistakes. Life is not that serious, we are all here for a short amount of time so why not just BE YOU with all your imperfections?. Even if you have it all together people are still going to search for the negatives things and criticize you. We can’t win either way. LOL

I hope these words made a difference in your day, feel free to email me if you need a chat about life or if you have something to add to this list. I love talking about real life stuff 🙂 We are keeping it real.


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