Tourism in Ghana : Biakpa Mountain Paradise, a hidden gem to discover

If you want to experience peace in all forms then Biakpa Mountain Paradise might be the answer for you. Located only a few hours drive away from the hustle and bustle of Accra, the capital city, this place in the Volta Region is a gem in our country that is yet to be discovered. Remember, when you sat on the airplane going to Ghana you may be wondering where all those people from China or Ireland were going once you landed at the airport? Well, this is definitely one of those places they were going to.
 The views from Mountain Paradise lodge where we stayed when I visited Ghana with some friends last month were breathtaking and once there you realized how much we were bombarded by negative news and how much social media, in some cases, could be running our lives.
Here there is limited mobile network due to its location and it’s like you are forced to connect with nature on a daily basis and with that do some soul searching. An interesting reality of Ghana is that people go to mountains to pray as it is considered one of the best places to connect with God due to the peace that you find yourself surrounded with, however, what made my experience more interesting was the fact that we could hear people pray from afar 24/7. No joke.
Nevertheless, if you are an adventurous individual, Biakpa Mountain Paradise can also challenge you physically. From the lodge, you can have a morning hike on the Kulugu river and waterfall trail and get to see a typical Ghanaian cocoa farm. I’m not going to lie I almost gave up when I found out that in order to get to the waterfall I had to descend 14 feet down using a rope, but despite of my fears I still made it.
 On the plus side, if you love cycling, the famous Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary is just a ride away, where you’ll be able to see different types of monkeys as well as connect with the local people.
Compared to Accra, the temperature in this natural masterpiece is cooler and windy which means no mosquitoes and for these reasons Biakpa Mountain Paradise is definitely a place in Ghana worth visiting.
photo credit:@splendidayaa


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  1. Max

    I have not yet visited Ghana but I can honestly say that all Ghanaian I have met are lovely people. My best guess if I visited Ghana I would enjoy the visit and the stay as well. I have much respect to the Ghanaian artists, their drawings are awesome.

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